Terms of Use

Terms of Use

You agree to hold Chat Yolo and all its representatives not responsible for any type of legal action due to use of our website or services.

No one under the age of eighteen is allowed to use this site anytime, furthermore you must be a legal adult in your area to visit or use any part of this website.

You agree that mature subjects for adults only are discussed here including but not limited to text, images, videos, live streaming and other services that may contain adult content and that you are legally allowed to view such material in your jurisdiction.

You agree not to do anything illegal or try to have others engage in illegal activities while visiting or using our website.

You agree not to use hate speech and to use bullying of any type while using our services.

You agree not say anything mean or negative to anyone and to report any abuse of any kind using our contact page.

More terms coming and will be posted here as things come up.