Anon16193: Hey
Anon16203: hlo
Anon16203: anyone wanna do on skype
Anon16212: 50/bi/Columbia, MD
Anon16212: How's everyone
Anon16213: Hi!
Anon16213: Married woman here
Anon16213: Have a question... my husband enjoys a lot when I lick or finger his butte hole
Anon16213: Is he gay?
Anon16231: Oii
Anon16231: @Anonx203 quero seu skype
Anon16231: Anonx203 skype?
Anon16244: hi
Anon16244: i man
Anon16244: i like big big
Anon16244: in-love
Anon16273: Hey new here
Anon16292: Hi
Anon16309: hey
Anon16309: who wants to skype
Anon16317: bi uk 63male
Anon16317: anyone uk want chat?
Anon16317: bi
Anon16348: not-guilty
Anon16360: Anyone like txt very horny
Bunny: Hey.. Kik??
Bunny: anyone have kik?
Anon16388: Snap?
Anon16404: hi
Anon16417: G︍o N︍ew s︍ex Ch︍at - x - C︍lick H︍ere, fu︍ck m︍e

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