Anon34399: how do i tell my parents im bi? my bro and sis are both gay/lesbian
Anon34415: Hi
Anon34442: hi
Anon34462: 33 bored
Anon34519: Afternoon
Anon34542: Hi
Anon34546: hi
Anon34546: skype?
Anon34548: Anyone with FaceTime call me at8033742322 im x
Anon34548: Boys or girls teen andNO PEDOPHILES
Anon34548: Deadass
Anon34561: I’m horny
Anon34561: Add me on snapchat @itsme1482 if you have a big dick
Anon34572: Hallo
Anon34615: Undercover bi here, hey everyone!
Anon34647: Hellooooo
Anon34683: looking to talk on the phone, send pics of my wife via email and some one tell me the nasty shit they will do to her.
Anon34689: xx/23cff98c/
Anon34718: Hey
Anon34718: 346x hey
Anon34718: 346x hey
Anon34727: hi .. Romania ?
Anon34737: hi
Anon34752: Hi
Anon34752: hi
Anon34757: Hi
Anon34757: I’m looking sexy tonight
Anon34757: I’m wearing pantyhose
Anon34764: New here but very interested
Anon34764: In fun chat with closet bi guy

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