Chat Yolos Frequently Asked Questions

Here is are top 10 list of most frequently asked questions we receive from visitors, so we figured we would post them here for all to see.

Question #1 : How do I register a unique username here on Chat Yolo?
Answer: Click on the register button put in the username you would like along with a valid email address, than click on the link in the email to verify and thats it.

Question #2: How do I login on Chat Yolo?
Answer : Click on the login button on the front page or in the top right hand corner navigation bar and login using your username and password.

Question #3: Do I have to register in order to chat on Chat Yolo?
Answer : No you do not have to register but you must be a legal adult to do so.

Question #4: How many chat rooms do you have?
Answer : Over twenty niche chat rooms right now, more are on the way, along with a feature that will allow for the ability to create your own chat room.

Question #5: How much does it cost to join Chat Yolo?
Answer : Nothing! It is and always has been absolutely free to join Chat Yolo. So please do not fall for any scams that sell memberships to our website.

Question #6: How do I join the forums?
Answer : You must first register to use the forums

Question #7: How do I join the groups?
Answer you must first register to be part of the groups.

Question #8: How do I edit my profile?
Answer : Login , then click on your profile link in the top right hand corner navigation and click edit.

Question #9: How do I become a moderator?
Answer: Use the contact us page and let us know the basic who what when where and why you want to become a moderator for one of our chat rooms and you will hear from us.

Question #10: How do i report any wrong going on or  with your website?
Answer :  Use the contact us page to report anything wrong with or going on with our website.

We are working on adding another 10 most frequently asked questions to the list should you have any questions about this list or about our website please use the contact form to get intocuh to let us know what they are.