Anon16029: Hello 37 mwm wanna chat New York here
Anon16058: hello
Anon16060: Gruveo anyone ?
Anon16060: I’m so horny
Anon16075: Hello
Anon16075: New Jersey?
Anon16115: hey all
Anon16115: message me
Anon16115: 23 m
Anon16117: hi
Anon16117: 30 m
Anon16121: Hey
Anon16125: G︍o N︍ew s︍ex Ch︍at - x - C︍lick H︍ere, fu︍ck m︍e
Anon16147: Hey
Anon16148: Hey all
Anon16148: Skype anyone?
Anon16172: Someone want to jerk off on x? I'm on x/wank568
Anon16183: Skype:
Anon16212: 50/bi/MD
Anon16213: Hey everyone, married woman here
Anon16213: My husband likes me to lick and or finger his butt hole... is he gay?
Anon16231: Oii alguem de salvador pra eu adicionar no skype?
Anon16231: ??
Anon16314: Anyone Up for fun on kik?
Anon16330: Fuck me
Anon16417: G︍o N︍ew s︍ex Ch︍at - x - C︍lick H︍ere, fu︍ck m︍e
Anon16423: Hey. 48m here.
Anon16440: Hey 45 male here
Anon16440: Anyone up for chat or more

The Gay Chat Room Rules

  • First rule is you must be an adult male and gay to use this chat room.
  • Second rule is by chatting here you agree to abide by our terms of service at all times.
  • Third rule is do not and I repeat do not give out any personal information in this public chat room.
  • Fourth rule is never trade pictures, videos or other personal information at anytime in the public chat room.
  • Fifth rule is do not harass or intimate other users or use hateful or derogatory statements.
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