Roxy: i sended you message
Anon99600: Hi
Anon99600: Hi
Anon99600: hi
Anon99608: Roxy?
Anon99653: Any t-girls wanting to sext or something
Aj: Hey
Aj: Hey
Aj: Anybody oh here
Aj: ??
Anon99903: hey sir i am nerly t.girl ned tshirt if u send plz then will emal
Anon99903: wat emal for send after feth?
Anon99903: pvt only bois
Anon99903: many thxwink
Anon99903: doctor givng bobs but no vegana ;? bois welcome thankyousmile
Anon99903: *:?
Anon99903: winky work fine thank you flushed now now all clean
Anon100041: Hi any shemale here
Anon100148: Hi
Anon100148: any nice trannys here
Anon100158: Hello, any trans women?
Anon100192: Hey an trans
Anon100192: Any*
Anon100299: What’s up
Anon100299: Anyone on skype?
Anon100299: Hey
Anon100459: insta sexcam?
Anon100536: Hi
Anon100711: Any trannies wanna fuck my virgin asshole while stroking my cock
Anon100845: so nothing to see here right
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The Trans Chat Room Guide.

  • You must be cool with trans people to use the transgender chat room.
  • By chatting here you agree to abide by our terms of service at all times.
  • Do not give out any personal information in this public adult chat room.
  • Never trade pictures, videos or other personal information at anytime.
  • Do not harass or intimate other users or use hateful or derogatory statements.
  • Moderators for the transgender chat room are, Pete and Carl.
  • Any problems with the moderators use the form on the contact page to get in-touch with the administrator.

Some people are looking for “shemales” aka chicks with dicks. Many transgender people are trying to move away from the shemale title and prefer other terms. Depending on where you are in the world, you may think of ladyboys. Different gender bending people may be at different stages in their lives, and these things can change. Some are just doing some crossdressing, some get boob implants or other surgeries to enhance themselves. Do not assume anything when you meet a transgender person, it may be best to ask what they prefer.

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