The Chat Yolos Guide to having a good time.

Hello are you in need of a guide on how to have a good time or experience here on Chat Yolo. Well do not worry this is exactly what this page is for, to help people just like you, that need a little help in understanding or doing something on our website. Since a lot of this site and even online chat rooms in general are new to people and many have never used the style of chat rooms or forums we offer here, we end up getting a lot of questions about how to use them and other features of our website. So we have put together a list of the top things we get asked here and will do a video soon on how to do everything here for those that do not like to read but would rather watch! Of course there is a top 10 list on our FAQS page for those looking for basic information like how to login and register etc.

  1. How to look right – Get a custom username something simple will do like your name or nickname.
  2. How to talk right – Be polite, ask questions and listen to the answers before you respond.
  3. How to walk right – Make your online persona always the same, carry yourself.
  4. How to smell right – Do not say creepy stuff and ofcourse shower and take care of all your personal hygiene.
  5. How to act like a gentlemen – Read some books about this, watch some movies, listen to some podcasts and do your best to put her first.
  6. How to score some digis – Just ask via private messaging if the conversation is going well but by not asking for the number your guaranteed to not get it.