Chat Yolo Author

The lead web designer and author of Chat Yolo goes by the admin on here but whose real name is Mr. James Bryant

Mr. James Bryant was born on a warm Spring day in May of 1978 in Richmond, Va . He has been a webmaster for over two decades with a primary focus on chat and communication websites. He is self taught on all computer code and built his first website using Net Objects Fusion and from there learned to code in valid HTML and PHP. Over the last 20 year James has built over 500 websites mainly using WordPress as the core software behind them like here at Chat Yolo. He enjoys working on and maintaining his websites daily and learning more about computer programming languages.
Ever since its launch 6 years ago in 2015 Chat Yolo has been providing free chat rooms for adults to enjoy communicating with one another in thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mr. James Bryant. If you  have any questions, comments or suggestions about this website they can be directed to him. You also can keep up with Mr Bryant on social media at the links below or contact him directly via email.

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