Been Banned from Chat Yolo?

Have you been banned from our server, website or a feature on it? Do not worry sometimes we do not get everything right here and accidentally ban IP addresses we believe are suspicious or are used in ways that have violated our rules or terms of service. In some cases but not all, we are willing to unban you and your IP if you write us using the contact form explaining to us what you did and promise not to do it again.

Just under stand that everyone here is just trying to have some fun and engage in intelligent conversations with one another. And by doing what ever it was that got you banned deprived the men and women using this website of doing just that. So please, pretty please, with sugar on top, if we unban you do NOT break any of the rules ever again! Otherwise the second ban is forever.

There is no special contact form or phone number to call for bans,  just use the form on the contact page. Please include your IP address and username and time and date so we can better assist you with your ban.