Anon100628: I m 20
Anon100631: I need
Anon100676: Male 18
Anon100676: Any girl ?
Anon100696: hey any girl in mother cityheart
Anon100711: Hi
Anon100711: Any girls here?
Anon100723: angry
Anon100764: hi
Anon100764: sex
Anon100764: kissy
Anon100775: sex doll
40 newport: Norning
40 newport: laugh-bigp
40 newport: Any one in the Newport area
Anon100789: G
Anon100794: Sex
Anon100797: Hi
Anon100797: not-one-care
Anon100810: pv sex
Anon100815: Anyone in austin
Anon100817: k
Anon100837: Hi, anyone in Crawley, England?
Anon100870: Hey
Daniel7888: Anyone near Huntsville
Daniel7888: Hello
Monty50: Anyone in Bournemouth?
Monty50: Ok Poole in Dorset.
Gerry Anderson: No ladies here.
Anon100930: Hi
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