Hello Chatters

Hello chatters. Welcome to the re-launch of Chat Yolo. We move a lot of things around obviously 😉 . All of the old posts have been archived and no longer publicly available ;-( . We will continue to have discussions in this area about new features and issues for the site and the mobile apps. Stay tuned via the rss feed!


Now that things have gotten a little  more cozy around here I wanted to give a some more info about our website and why it is up.  First is we created it with the idea for a free chat room that anyone could join and talk in for free on any internet connected device. Its now quickly evolving into multiple chat rooms and other cool chat functions but we”ll write later about them.

We figured what was missing on the web was a open free chat room that anyone could use without any registration or download required and that totally respected the users privacy and did not throw a bunch of ads at you. Which as you can see Chat Yolo is ad free at the moment and if we ever do run them it will be easy to block via standard pop blockers and not affect the look or abilities in any way. We do have several apps in the works that you can download to access our website on your smart device. And profiles and unique usernames for anyone looking to become a more regular user of our chat website. We will be updating the rules, terms of service, and privacy policy as things change or come about and do ask that everyone using this website read them over before joining or posting anything in the chat room, thanks!

We welcome any suggestions and listen to all complaints here so what ever you do not do, do not be shy by any means to express your opinion about our website to us as we love to hear feedback and will always continue to as the website progresses. We built this website with the user in mind and if you are unhappy or thrilled in anyway let us know we love to hear such things. We are actively seeking moderators for our chat room and if you are interested in helping us with that contact us with your username and we will go from there.