Major site updates have takin place this month and more are coming.

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    Here at Chat Yolo we like to keep up to date on the latest and greatest in the online communications industry. This means having to have and learn and keep up with the best software in the industry. And what we run on our domain is really the best software in our opinion and its called WordPress, which is a content management system or CMS. Every once and awhile some of the plugins do not work correctly with latest updates to WordPress and have HUGE affects on the entire site. And as a result it can leave companies using the software and plugins together crippled until a fix or update is put out and installed.

    The problem has been that WordPress software updates come with bugs and vulnerabilities in them primarily because of new stuff they added to it and not because of stuff that has been running great on it for over a decade. So in my opinion WordPress should adopt a new core policy, that should be a opt in by the developer like adding a plugin to future WordPress updates that would not the mess the front or back end unless its a security update to the original core. And make sure its totally debugged by focusing on the core and the past code and making sure it has no vulnerabilities instead of always adding new code which may have some. And for now just create plugins the site developer could add on for any new front end or back end changes that 99% of WordPress webmasters do not want and are not going to use and do not like having to learn. So instead of always adding things most developers do not want or changes most developers do not want to relearn keep it simple by adopting a core policy but also keep it fresh with security updates. By actually making a un-hackable core system website developers will feel more secure in using the software and knowing all the plugins will work in harmony with the software updates.

    With that said and hopefully read by someone at Automatic one day, the parent company of WordPress and made a reality sooner than later I will digress. So lets move forward with what took place here at Chat Yolo this week. We have updated our WordPress to 5.8.1 which is its latest and greatest version of the software. I know a lot of you will never see the stuff WordPress updates to because its back end stuff mostly but let me just tell you little bit about updating this software. You have to hope every time it comes back from after updating that everything worked like it did before the update, if not better. But you kind of cringe when you hit the update button wondering if all the time and work is going to be ruined by the very thing that is suppose to be making it better.

    I believe WordPress plugins should also adopt the same type core policy and have a standard un-hackable core and a opt in for updates to new features which have nothing to do with security. Anyways these are the thoughts that go rambling thru the mind from a webmasters point of view about software updates for a site they really like.

    Also this week we have made some changes to the chat rooms themselves and am in the middle writing the plugin developer about some things that should be added to the next chat plugin update that we could use that would make our chat rooms even better. We have been looking around at some cam to cam software we might add to the site that members only could use that would give two members the capability to video chat with one another, but we will see. We are thinking about removing a couple of our current text chat rooms and adding a couple others ones but we have not made a definitive decision on this yet. Later this week will be moving over to members only chat rooms. We may leave one chat room open for non members to use but we do not know yet so we will see. Many things will also be turned on that are not available in the current text chat rooms for the members only versions, such as the ability to add pictures, videos and hypertext links in the chat room and hopefully a cam to cam capability as well. I am really excited about some of the other new features we may add here in the future like VR rooms and AR rooms but not sure how fast we will be able to roll them out for everyone to use but hopefully by this or next years end. We will be adding new categories to the forums and posting quite a bit in this one over the coming months to keep everyone here up to date on some of the cool stuff we are working on for you. I am currently removing the sidebar navigation on the forums main page today so they will be easier to read and makes the page look better.

    And finally the last thing which is a question to all of you forum members, what feature would you like to see added to these forums? Hit us up and let know by replying to this topic.

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