Eleven more chat rooms for you to use

We have just added 11 more chat rooms for anyone to use. After getting so many requests for specific types of chat rooms and coming up with a few ourselves so we added some more free chat rooms some based on ages, a gay chat room and lesbian chat room, and a men’s only and a women’s only chat room. We also added a private, members only chat room that once you register you get the pass code to unlock by email and also a paid chat room feature but more on that later. We will be adding more chat rooms next year and other communication options such as telephone numbers, forums groups and cams.

Should you have any problems with accessing or using any of the new chat rooms contact us and let us know whats wrong and by adding a screen shot or video it helps us out a lot in solving problems but are not absolutely necessary. We hope that you and everyone else likes and enjoys the new chat rooms as much as we did making them.

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