2017 is shaping up to be a great year around here.

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We have had some time to think about things so far this year, the so called State of Chat Yolo and we came to the conclusion we are going to have a great 2017 here, as we have so many awesome things to offer now thanks to major updates last year. And thats not all we have plenty more awesome stuff of more to come as we are looking at adding a forums for every registered member to use. A roulette camera every member can use to do random cam to cam on. The ability to create and join groups is coming along with user blog creation for those who like to write and post things. As each new feature is released we will do a post to let everyone know about it.

We will be adding more chat rooms and are considering doing an international version of our website such as on the .net for the people in different regions of the World and that speak different languages (other than English) to chat in but more to come on that later on. We have done a lot of backend things to web server to allow it to run faster and be more efficient we hope that our regular users will notice and are new ones will not as they are so fast now, lol. We will begin running ads on the website soon but are still considering which type of ads to run such as Googles or private? And when we figure it out we will let you know along with whats been updated to our privacy policy when they start to run.

As always we love to hear from you on how your year is going and what you think about the stuff to come here and what you would like to see on Chat Yolo we do not have so drop us a line by leaving a comment or by sending us email via our contact form, thanks and Happy New Year to all.

Eleven more chat rooms for you to use

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We have just added 11 more chat rooms for anyone to use. After getting so many requests for specific types of chat rooms and coming up with a few ourselves so we added some more free chat rooms some based on ages, a gay chat room and lesbian chat room, and a men’s only and a women’s only chat room. We also added a private, members only chat room that once you register you get the pass code to unlock by email and also a paid chat room feature but more on that later. We will be adding more chat rooms next year and other communication options such as telephone numbers, forums groups and cams.

Should you have any problems with accessing or using any of the new chat rooms contact us and let us know whats wrong and by adding a screen shot or video it helps us out a lot in solving problems but are not absolutely necessary. We hope that you and everyone else likes and enjoys the new chat rooms as much as we did making them.

Wanna get more social with us? Check here

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We have several places you can find us when we are not here and sometimes all at the same time! But if you would like to keep  up with us via our social accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc but here is a incomplete list of our social media profiles as we will be creating more over time. I wrote incomplete because we are always experimenting with various social media platforms to see what works best for us and our users so we may add some and drop a couple depending on how they fit in with our website.  We never know what is about to come around the corner and be the next in thing for all the internet so we will keep you updated in this post. And so with out any further a due here is our official social media sites.

Google+ – Chat Yolos Official Google plus page.

YouTube – Chat Yolos Official YouTube Channel.

Facebook – Chat Yolos Official Facebook page.

Twitter – Chat Yolos Official Twitter account.

Tumblr – Chat Yolos Official Tumlbr blog.

LinkedIn – Chat Yolos Official Linked In company page.

There will be more to come as they are created over time so if you do not see your favorite network here do not worry its probably in the works. Also if you want to let us know where you would like to see us and we will put it on the to do list if we think it makes sense. We are currently looking for social buttons to add to the website and when we figure out which are the cutest you will be able to find our social sites via icons in the footer.


Celebrity Trisha YOLOs in Emoji outfit

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Girlfriend was watching this fun internet celebrity Trisha Paytas trying on different outfits. I was surfing sex sites on my tablet and watching porn, while she was going through the various you tubers she subscribes too. I glanced over and noticed she was putting on an emoji print outfit. Top and pants with large smiley faces and such – she seemed to be having a good time sporting these unusual threads and then she says “YOLO” – loving it! Now she has my attention.


You can see her big boobs stretching the emoji while she tells the world that YOLO so why not wear something like this out.

At first I did not understand this girl, and now that I’ve seen more and more of her. I am starting to really like that she just throws out the real to the world. I would be too shy to do the things she does on camera. She is pretty good at putting on multiple lights and streaming her web cam while talking to her masses. Gotta give her major props for that! Maybe we can get together and so some streaming together one day.

Now I wonder, what do you say to a celebrity if you meet them in a chat room? ASL? Like really? Age, sex, location.. is that the standard start of ‘hey I’m interested in chatting with you more, if you answer these three questions to my satisfaction. You must meet my age range requirements, be the right sex (is there a wrong one?!) – and your location is important to he continuation of our online discussion. Yeah, that opening line is probably not the best for a celebrity meet or just about any other meet up I am thinking now.

We have apps you can download to your mobile

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We now have official Chat Yolo apps you can download and use to chat on your mobile device. We have app in the Google, Apples, and Microsoft app stores. You will still need an internet connection to use the app is it is a live chat room. You can still enjoy the benefits of anonymous chat on your mobile or you can register a username that suits you on a first come first serve basis and add profile pictures. We will be adding social media login capabilities soon, so you can login to the chat room by your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

Google Play Store

Click over there to download our Chat Yolo app from Google

Apple iTunes

Click over there to download our Chat Yolo app from Apple

Microsoft Store

Click over there to download our Chat Yolo app from Microsoft

We are working on several more apps in various formats and will list them here as they uploaded to the stores we get them listed in. We are always interested in hearing from you on what you want to see so if you see an app we do not have and would like one drop us a line and we will see about adding to the to do list.

Hello Chatters

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Hello chatters. Welcome to the re-launch of Chat Yolo. We move a lot of things around obviously 😉 . All of the old posts have been archived and no longer publicly available ;-( . We will continue to have discussions in this area about new features and issues for the site and the mobile apps. Stay tuned via the rss feed!


Now that things have gotten a little  more cozy around here I wanted to give a some more info about our website and why it is up.  First is we created it with the idea for a free chat room that anyone could join and talk in for free on any internet connected device. Its now quickly evolving into multiple chat rooms and other cool chat functions but we”ll write later about them.

We figured what was missing on the web was a open free chat room that anyone could use without any registration or download required and that totally respected the users privacy and did not throw a bunch of ads at you. Which as you can see Chat Yolo is ad free at the moment and if we ever do run them it will be easy to block via standard pop blockers and not affect the look or abilities in any way. We do have several apps in the works that you can download to access our website on your smart device. And profiles and unique usernames for anyone looking to become a more regular user of our chat website. We will be updating the rules, terms of service, and privacy policy as things change or come about and do ask that everyone using this website read them over before joining or posting anything in the chat room, thanks!

We welcome any suggestions and listen to all complaints here so what ever you do not do, do not be shy by any means to express your opinion about our website to us as we love to hear feedback and will always continue to as the website progresses. We built this website with the user in mind and if you are unhappy or thrilled in anyway let us know we love to hear such things. We are actively seeking moderators for our chat room and if you are interested in helping us with that contact us with your username and we will go from there.