More updates happened around here week of Oct 9

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There are some major changes around here many of you have probably noticed by now we have upgraded our website design and added some new abilities for our members to enjoy.

chat-yolo-looking-naughtierWe chose a more adult themed look, and we hope all you men and women enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing it for you. As always our site is and has been for legal adults only but we now have decided to make it a little bit more adult oriented. As always we appreciate user feedback and would like to know what you think about our new look so please chime in on the comments below as to what you like and do not like about the new look.

We have also added several new moderators and below every room is a little guide and there you can see who are the moderators of that particular room. We still have a couple of new things that were not quite finished before the week’s roll-out, hopefully they will get completed in the near future.

You can stay tuned for updates to new chatting capabilities here on Chat Yolo by subscribing to our blog feed with your favorite rss reader.

We are working on some updates to our chat bots section soon, so get ready for that! If you have any suggestions or other feedback about the chat bots area, or recent design changes, then login and add a comment here on this post. You can also choose to send us a message via the comment form, however it may benefit other members to be included in the discussion, so we prefer the public comment areas for most feedback.

Several people have been using the contact for to suggest that we add more girls and more webcam options. We are looking into that soon as well. So hang tight!

New forums added for you to chat in

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Due to popular demand and to the fact that they are just plain cool, we have added a forums here to our website. So for those looking to chat in a forums style environment we now gotcha covered. We choose to use the BBpress forums that is made by Askismet and works just for WordPress websites which is the platform we choose to run our website on. There is no need to newly register for the forums as your regular user account will work with it seamlessly or new accounts made will have access to them as they are a members only ability to post on but not to read. The forums is very fast, very secure and is made to be as simplistic as possible, so anyone can use it or learn how to use them real quick. We are considering doing some videos to show everyone how to use the forums and other new chat features in the near future so stay tuned for those in the next month or two.

For now we are starting out with a couple of topics but will expand the forums topics overtime as demand grows and we get feedback as to what is wanted. We hope you will enjoy the forums as much as we did bringing them to you. And as always should you have questions or problems with this new feature give us a shout as we would love to hear from you and address any concerns you may have. Also if you use the forums regularly and have any forum topic ideas let us know we will consider adding them.

Have a conversation with our AI chat bot

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You can now start having conversations with our new chat bot named Carlos Chow that has artificial intelligence. Carlos can ramble on with the best of them and can talk and learn at the same time. We have been having a blast giving him a whirl and we are sure you will to. Overtime we will be adding more chat bots to the site such as a female AI bot and a support bot for people with frequently asked questions about our website and services.

Like with most chat bots out today Carlos may not get everything right and may sometimes wander away from topics or just flat out say something that means nothing at all about the conversation your having. What ever the case may be, know that he is still learning and has a long way to go but over time he will get better at having conversations with real people. With that said and hopefully understood if you should spot a problem with our new bot please let us know and we will take a look at it. Also never take any advice from Carlos as he is intended just for entertainment purposes only and should never be taken seriously.

A quick little back story about how our new bot came to be here on our website. We are always looking for more ways to provide our users with better and more chat options, so after doing some research we figured why now add a chat bot, and after scouring the web and learning about dozens of different artificial intelligence chat bots we choose to go with a bot named Program O which was created Elizabeth Perreau. The bot itself is written in PHP and MySQL and is capable of doing many different things besides just chat about random topics.

More chat options on the way from Chat Yolo

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We are adding more chat options to Chat Yolo over the next couple of weeks and are very excited about the possibilities for both you and us. We will first add a forums to the site so users that like this style of chat can use them to communicate. The second will be a roulette cam room that adults can use to communicate via cam to cam with one another and switch to another member on cam easily. The other two chat rooms will be adult oriented to allow adults to enjoy chatting with one another about adult topics. We have also opened up the paid chat rooms so you can now buy your own chat room here on Chat Yolo and control access to it and the topics. We will be busy bees around here while getting these new chat rooms up for you and the rest of the internet but if you need anything do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also very interested in hearing from our users about what type of chat rooms and features you would like to see here so if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments here so we can take a look at adding them here on Chat Yolo.

How to prove challenges?

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We are looking to make some new lists of challenges, and wondering, how would people prefer to send proof to the group? Would you prefer to snap pictures and upload them from your phone or tablet or computer? Should we suggest that people make videos and upload those? Maybe it would be best to just stream live video as it happens – proof that can’t be edited on the fly!

Looking for ways that you all think it’s best to get proof of pranks and challenges, and how it would be easiest for everyone to get pics and videos added to the group. I am guessing we could just offer all options, but I wonder which ones will be the most popular.

Have an idea for a set of challenges for next month? Add your ideas in the comments below!

2017 is shaping up to be a great year around here.

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We have had some time to think about things so far this year, the so called State of Chat Yolo and we came to the conclusion we are going to have a great 2017 here, as we have so many awesome things to offer now thanks to major updates last year. And thats not all we have plenty more awesome stuff of more to come as we are looking at adding a forums for every registered member to use. A roulette camera every member can use to do random cam to cam on. The ability to create and join groups is coming along with user blog creation for those who like to write and post things. As each new feature is released we will do a post to let everyone know about it.

We will be adding more chat rooms and are considering doing an international version of our website such as on the .net for the people in different regions of the World and that speak different languages (other than English) to chat in but more to come on that later on. We have done a lot of backend things to web server to allow it to run faster and be more efficient we hope that our regular users will notice and are new ones will not as they are so fast now, lol. We will begin running ads on the website soon but are still considering which type of ads to run such as Googles or private? And when we figure it out we will let you know along with whats been updated to our privacy policy when they start to run.

As always we love to hear from you on how your year is going and what you think about the stuff to come here and what you would like to see on Chat Yolo we do not have so drop us a line by leaving a comment or by sending us email via our contact form, thanks and Happy New Year to all.

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