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2020 Updates and Upgrades

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A list of updates and upgrades to Chat Yolo for 2020

We had a chance to reflect on all of 2019 around here and have decided to make some changes to how we do things and are on the process of tweaking a couple of things around here to better the website. We have added some new rules to the site rules and each chat room has had some rules added to them. We have have added more support pages and ways to get intouch. We are going to be adding alot more things around here in 2020, atleast 1 new thing each month such as video chat, phone chat and other chat options along with other types of chat room functionalities.

We have upgraded the core software behind this website and all the plugins that we use with it and are testing out the site to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Should you run into any problems let us know. We have upgraded the chat rooms with new skins and capabilities as you can see below the old and new chat rooms look. We have added more emoticons for you to choose from while chatting and have fixed several bugs in the mobile versions of the chat rooms.

The members only section has been updated and upgraded with the new chat room features and we adding a members only dating section soon. We have upgraded the forums and removed about 250 profiles due to various rules and terms of use violations. We have added some new forums and more capabilities for profiles such as being able to add bios and videos. We have created an authors page and updated our privacy and cookies policies.

7 new language specific free sex chat rooms

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Chat Yolo now has 7 new language specific free sex chat rooms

Due to the overwhelming need for free sex chat room for specific languages we added a total of seven new chat rooms to our website based on what we saw being used in our chat rooms over time. We are going to add more languages over time but wanted to start out with these 7 first to see how things went. If you would like to see a sex chat room for your language you can request it in the comments below. Should you see any errors from our translations in your new language specific sex chat room please let us know here in the comments below or by using the contact form to get in-touch with the problem in the translation. And so without any further adue here are the 7 new sex chat rooms on Chat Yolo.

      1. Spanish Sex Chat
      2. Hindi Sex Chat
      3. Arabic Sex Chat
      4. Chinese Sex Chat
      5. Punjabi Sex Chat
      6. Japanese Sex Chat
      7. Portuguese Sex Chat

Four new sex chat rooms for social media users

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We have set up 4 new sex chat rooms for people who like to chat with others people via the same social media platforms. And although this is just an experiment based on users demand and what we see in our chat rooms it will likely expand to include other social media platforms over time should all go well with these initial 4 we have set up. So with out further a due here they are.

The Kik Sex Chat room

The Skype sex chat room

The SnapChat sex chat room

The WhatsApp sex chat room

In order to chat in these rooms you must have an account associated with the rooms name otherwise your just wasting your time and the time of others. We may make it so you must login thru your account in order to access the chat rooms but feel for now that is not needed but time will tell. We hope you and the rest of our users will enjoy these new social media focused chat rooms as much as we did making for you. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or use to contact form to get in touch with us.


Member Profile Edits

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You can now add a few fields and pics to your profile if you’ve registered as a member. We added options for new members and current members to add info about interests, sex, and age.

You can also upload a new profile picture and we are making it an option to add pics to share with the public or with friends you’ve made on site here. Hey, it’s YOLO, so you might as well add some fun pics to share with strangers and see if they are into the same shit you are!

Here is a little graphic showing how to edit your profile info once you’ve created an account here.


6 great sex chat sites besides ours to check out this year

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Online chat is constantly evolving and as a result we know we are not the best at every type of sex chat there is out there but we are awesome at a lot of different types of chat entertainment, so with that said and hopefully understood we wanted to point out some great sex chat sites that are really good at what they do in this post.

Depending on what time zone your in and what time you log on some sites may not have that may people in their chat rooms but these sites we feature always have someone online and ready to chat and have some fun with. So if your interested in looking for some awesome chat entertainment besides the stuff we offer here, go over and check out these sites sometime and see if they have the type of chat entertainment your looking for.

1. Sex Chat – Sex chat entertainment at its finest, the free sex chat rooms alone are worth the visit but there cam girls are like, omg!

2. Cams Int – Cams International features tens of thousands of live webcam models preforming for tips from its vast amount of visitors.

3. Xoxo Chat – Hugs and kisses to these admins for making easy to use chat rooms that are filled with hundreds of people and dozens of moderators.

4. Janky Chat – The site name is the opposite of what this sex chat site features which includes thousands of live cam models ready to chat any time day or night.

5. Cam Suga – Quite possibly the hottest models on the internet are on cam here just begging for your attention.

6. Lots of Chat – The name says it all with this site is it literally has lots of chat options for men and women looking to be entertained.

And now that you know our picks for the best sex chat websites this year, tell us what you think are the most awesome sex chat sites you have found by leaving the URL and explanation in the comments below this post and we will see about possibly adding them to next years list should they be more awesome, its just that simple around here folks! Which is just the way we like it.

Our sex cams network is ready for your viewing pleasures

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We have launched our own live sex cams network and have thousands of models live and ready to preform for you via webcam here on Chat Yolo. Choose from our huge selection of guy, girl and transsexual models ranging from ages 18 to their late 60s all ready and eager to preform for you in a one on one or group show setting. Many have interactive toys and other equipment in there rooms for you to enjoy controlling. No matter what time of day or night, there will always be models on here ready to give you one of a kind performances that is sure to get your heart beating and your blood flowing with excitement that only comes when one of our cam models preforms for you. Just to give you an idea of the scope of niches we have to offer we have listed some below but know its just a small sample of what we have to offer HD Webcams, Group Show, Interactive, Adult Stars, Alternative, Anal, Asian, Big Boobs, Bisexual, Blondes, Bodybuilder, Brazilian, Brunette And the list goes on and on and on so if you have preferred type of model odds are we got you covered and than some.

There will be some site wide changes coming to our website as well to better enhance your experience here on or website and several server and programs upgrades and updates done tonight so the site may be slow at some times or just inaccessible altogether but do not worry to much and please bare with us as this will only be temporary as move get things better running here on Chat Yolo. As always if you any questions regarding these things posted inhere please let us know in the comments below but you can also send them in via the contact form located at the contact page.

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