2017 is shaping up to be a great year around here.

We have had some time to think about things so far this year, the so called State of Chat Yolo and we came to the conclusion we are going to have a great 2017 here, as we have so many awesome things to offer now thanks to major updates last year. And thats not all we have plenty more awesome stuff of more to come as we are looking at adding a forums for every registered member to use. A roulette camera every member can use to do random cam to cam on. The ability to create and join groups is coming along with user blog creation for those who like to write and post things. As each new feature is released we will do a post to let everyone know about it.

We will be adding more chat rooms and are considering doing an international version of our website such as on the .net for the people in different regions of the World and that speak different languages (other than English) to chat in but more to come on that later on. We have done a lot of backend things to web server to allow it to run faster and be more efficient we hope that our regular users will notice and are new ones will not as they are so fast now, lol. We will begin running ads on the website soon but are still considering which type of ads to run such as Googles or private? And when we figure it out we will let you know along with whats been updated to our privacy policy when they start to run.

As always we love to hear from you on how your year is going and what you think about the stuff to come here and what you would like to see on Chat Yolo we do not have so drop us a line by leaving a comment or by sending us email via our contact form, thanks and Happy New Year to all.

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